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Pyongyang: “Japan will pay its crimes”

Pyongyang lashes out against Japan, declaring through the KCNA, a North Korean national news agency, that will “pay its crimes” at a high price to the Japanese state.

“The Japanese imperialists – it says – inflicted innumerable pains and misfortunes to the Korean people after having included Korea in its colony. After the Eulsa treaty of November 1905, the Japanese attempted to erase it literally as a nation “.

The Treaty of Eulsa, also known as the Japanese-Korean protectorate treaty, was signed on November 17, 1905 by representatives of the imperial governments of Korea and Japan. By depriving Korea of ​​its diplomatic sovereignty, it made it a protectorate of Japan and opened the way to the subsequent annexation treaties of 1907 and 1910.

In this regard, Prof. and Dr. Kong Myong Song, director of the Folklore Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences of North Korea, told KCNA:

“The Japanese imperialists brought the blue world maps with Korea under the Japanese flag to indicate that Korea was their colony.

They also hoisted the “flag of the general residence” at the “General Residence” and printed it on vehicles and ships to ridicule the sovereign rights of Korea and trample on the national pride and trust of the Korean people.

After August 1910, the Japanese imperialists openly hoisted the Japanese flag in front of the entrance to the main Kyongbok Palace building.

During their colonial rule over Korea, the Japanese imperialists were desperately keen to completely erase the national consciousness of the Korean people by forcing them to “pay respect” to the Japanese flag.

But the Korean people never recognized the Japanese flag as their national flag, which is well evidenced by the cancellation of the flag of the Rising Sun, the Japanese flag, in 1930.

It’s been 110 years since the Japanese imperialists occupied Korea by force of arms, but the Korean people always remember the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists against the Korean nation. Pyongyang will force them to pay dearly for their past crimes without failing. “