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Less taxes and no illegal immigrants in Austria with Kurz-Strache alliance

Once again we were right 3 months ago when, in view of the imminent political elections in Austria, we had foreseen the affirmation of patriotic forces; today Vienna, with the government agreement between Kurz and Strache, anticipates the times of European politics and stands as an authentic laboratory for the new trends that the public opinions of the Old Continent have adopted in the course of their history.

The country symbol of the ancient Hapsburg Empire, the “Austria felix” with the launch of the new executive between Kurz and Strache – strongly desired by the Austrian sovereign people – becomes today the first country in Europe where the extreme right is part of the majority of government.

The first perplexities in the matter are already manifested in Brussels by the European Union that 15 years ago strongly boycotted the previous government agreement in Austria between the popular and the Haider liberals, but this time the situation appears to be completely different and I will be much more difficult to contrast the will freely expressed by the sovereign people in the Alpine country.

Today, faced with the authentic invasion of Europe by millions of illegal immigrants and self-styled asylum seekers, faced with the consequences of 10 years of the most serious post-war global economic crisis, in the face of impoverishment and the growing insecurity of the class In the medium that is witnessed throughout Europe, every Brussels appeal to a holy alliance against the return of the extreme right on the Old Continent seems increasingly less credible.

But the time has come to debunk the freak of the extreme right that the European and global establishment acts every time the sovereign peoples of the different democratic countries give their consent to the patriotic and national forces that present themselves to the elections: IT IS THE DEMOCRACY BEAUTY , it would come to be answered, which must be respected even when the freely expressed results do not like or are not convenient for the powerful powers of globalization.

And what would be the serious sins that would commit the extreme right movements in Europe today, so that they should exclude them from the government even when sovereign peoples support them and vote them en masse? Perhaps the fact of putting the interests of their country and their own people above those of the lobbies of economic and financial power who want uncontrolled immigration, or of defending their socialized states from the onslaught of millions of illegal immigrants who want to take advantage of subsidies and taxes paid by citizens’ taxes without having contributed to them? Or simply asking that the rules that allow entry into their own country to be respected only by non-EU citizens who have obtained the necessary entry visa provided for by law?

If these are the sins that are contested, it seems obvious to expect that citizens, rather than considering them as such, will give a growing consensus to these movements throughout Europe. starting right from Austria.

Here after 2 months of meetings The conservatives of the ÖVP (People’s Party) and the national right of the FPÖ (Freedom Party) have in fact reached an agreement for the formation of the new government of the Alpine country. According to Sebastian Kurz, at the age of 31 he will be the youngest chancellor of Europe, while the post of deputy chancellor will be entrusted to Heinz-Christian Strache, leader of the FPÖ. The program will be the one promised to its constituents and will include lowering the tax burden, cutting red tape and new measures to limit immigration.

In the elections of October 15, the Austrian people decided to change, and the new government will guarantee the will of the people. “The new coalition is committed to a policy that saves in the system, and not to the people,” said Sebastian Kurz, while Strache reiterated that the clandestine zero objective that the new government will apply to the fight against illegal immigration.

The sovereign people in Austria have made their choice, and this has been respected: it seems like a dream for a country like Italy that for 6 years has seen 4 governments ever voted for by citizens.


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